IVC Filter

IVC Filter Campaign Details

Prices listed are the current retail value and may be higher or lower based on availability, size of budget, demand, volatility and additional filters.

  • IVC lead (unfiltered) = Call for pricing
    • Stated Injury = 25% of all leads
    • Discoverable Injury = 75% of all leads
    • Argon = 8%
    • Bard = 25%
    • Cook = 20%
    • Cordis = 18%
    • Braun = %
    • Unknown/Other = 20%
      • *Known Greenfields are disqualified
  • IVC signed (unfiltered) = Call for pricing

IVC Filter Criteria

  • Claimant had an IVC Filter Implanted in 2002 or after
  • Claimant has proof that the filter manufacturer is Argon, Bard, Braun, Cook, Cordis, Rex, or Volcano
  • If no proof is available, "unknown" manufacturers are acceptable to sign
  • Note any injuries suffered following implant surgery including: Internal Bleeding, Fractured, Migrated, Perforated, Tilted, Filter became Irretrievable, Open procedure to remove Filter or Fragments, Death
  • If no injuries diagnosed, sign if filter has been implanted for more than 6 months without removal
  • No current legal representation for this litigation


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